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Technical Articles

Key Wizard software requires a minimum of a 350 MHz processor or faster, 60 MB hard disk space, Windows XP, 7 or 8, 16 MB RAM, CD drive and a mouse pointing device. For better performance a 500 MHz processor or faster, 70MB hard disk space and 64 MB RAM is recommended. Network and single user versions are available along with a demonstration disk. Since the software is able to track multiple end users and multiple master key systems, the locksmith dealer version and the end user version are one in the same. The Demo disk is a working version of the software so users are able to test the full functionality of the program. The Demo disk limits keyholders, keys, locations and cylinders to 20 records. When the user is ready to purchase a full working version of the software, a new disk is sent. Data cannot be transferred from the Demo disk to the full version of the software.